What We Do

Safe Balance provides the following services:

Supervised Visits

Supervised contact is needed where separated parents are experiencing high levels of conflict or/ and unable to make arrangements for the child to spend time with the other parent/carer.

• Fears that the child may be abducted

• Been a while since the other parent has seen the child, reintroducing parent or significant other

• Separation due to Domestic Violence


Supervised Handovers / Changeovers

At the start of a contact visit, a child needs to be handed over to the parent or to the other family member who they do not live with and then handed back to the other parent at the end of the visit.

In some cases:

• Parents has issues with meeting face-to-face

• Eliminate any potential conflict between parties

• Violence Restraining Orders (VRO)

Transport of children from one parent / carer to another

In some instances, parents / carers require children to be transported from one parent / carer to the other. This could be due to:

• Parents has issues with meeting face-to-face

• Eliminate any potential conflict between parties

• Violence Restraining Orders (VRO)

Respite for Carers

Types of respite support:

• Planned Respite

• In Home / Residential

• Emergency Respite

• Out of school Respite

Please contact our office for more information.

Contact Centres

Safe Balance have partnered with various Contact Centres throughout Perth and its surrounding suburbs to provide safe, community based locations for visits and handovers. These centres are child friendly, often having toy libraries and age appropriate play areas.

Child Car Restraint Fitting & Checking Service

Safe Balance offers this cost effective service for those who are unsure about how to fit their child’s car seat or those that just want to check that they have fitted their seat correctly.
Car Restraint Services
The fitting service provides a comprehensive overview of how the restraint you have purchased works, how you use and adjust the restraint for your child; it is then installed into your vehicle and each customer is provided with a paper record of what the fitter has completed, which includes reminder note.

Checking previously installed Child car seats
Conversion of Restraint from Rearward to Forward Facing or Vice Versa
Fitting your child car seat for you
NB: Accessories such as extension straps and Anchor bolts are an additional cost. Other costs may also apply.
Prices vary, please contact admin@safebalance.com.au for more information

Where factory fitted anchor points are not present, the customer is required to install at their own cost, an anchorage system that meets the Australian Design Rules with certification from Department of Transport. Safe Balance can provide the names of businesses experienced in Type 2 Fitting.

To make a booking or enquiry regarding child car restraint fitting,
contact Safe Balance on 0487332607 or

Or find your local fitter here:


What Our Clients Say

Client Name withheld

Residential Parent

“I really appreciate your help and time supervising my daughter during the visit. Even though each visit was difficult leaving “Child Name Withheld” with her dad, but it did made it a bit more of ease knowing my daughter was protected and supervised with you which I thank you and appreciate your help and time. Thank you once again for all your time and for your services supervising. Much appreciated!”

Client Name withheld

Non-Residential Parent

I was pretty resigned and cynical by the time Tania came along and I must admit that she did a lot of work in having myself and my ex partner step up and engage in the process authentically. I had all my man complaints about how unfair the system is, how mothers can cut off access with a whim and how unjust it all is.

Tania was impartial and caring and stood for our son to have two parents who shared custody more effectively. She cut through a lot of the complaints that start becoming part of the way I communicated about my ex partner to what really mattered and kept us on track when we get a little lost. 

All in all I would suggest the services of Safe Balance especially if you are running out of steam and need a hand to get it all to work.

Finally I would say that Tania sees a win as her getting sacked and us managing it ourselves which is pretty great considering she makes money from our relationship breakdowns.

Client Name withheld

Non-Residential Parent

“My daughter is settling in well with me back at home. I still have supervised visits with “name withheld” every fortnight. I am working on making him feel confident and safe to come home.

Thank you very much for everything your service has provided. I would recommend your service.”

Client Name Withheld

May 2017, Location: Mandurah

I would like to thank you for your assistance and advice during the time of supervision, it was much appreciated.

Your guidance was invaluable and extremely helpful. Please thank both *staff name withheld* and Krista as well, the girls enjoyed their company.

As we move on to the next chapter, I am apprehensive although positive that in time *children names withheld* can have a positive and rewarding relationship with their father.

Thank you once again.

Client Name Withheld

December 2017, Location: Beechboro

“Just like to say thank you for everything you have done for me. But sadly have to say the Court went in my favour and I will no longer need your services.

Thank you again.”

Client Name Withheld

June 2019, Location: Mandurah

I would like to thank Safe Balance for the service they have provided me in giving me a safe and great environment to spend time with my children. I would like to thank Irene and Jo for spending time with my kids and myself and getting to know us. We have shared great times. Also to Kerri for the one-off visit where she was very professional about her job.

I am writing this to formally let the great people at Safe Balance know that their great service is no longer required as myself and the other party have come to an agreement on custody orders where I now can spend time with my kids unsupervised.

Client Name Withheld

July 2019

“All of the staff were very professional and welcoming, and very friendly. They made the visits pleasant and were great with our baby.”

Client Name Withheld

Non-residential Parent

Just wanted to say thank you for everything over the past 6 months. I had a favourable outcome in court and now see all three kids on a regular and extended basis.

I appreciate your professionalism through probably the worst time in my life.

Client Name Withheld

June 2023

“Thank you, we have agreed to interim Consent Orders now and I have resumed time with my children. I want to say thank you to the staff and Also a big thank you to Amanda and Taylor for their help and approach with my beautiful girls.” – D

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